Debra King San Francisco Street Artist

“Walking to my workplace in a short dress (the style of the time), nylons and stilettos, I could expect to be bothered by aggressive panhandlers once or twice a day. Little did I know that these same panhandlers would become my friends and protectors. Little did I know that I would soon become one of these oddly interesting and colorful individuals marketing handmade wares. All of this within eyeshot of the high end retail establishment where I am currently employed. What is happening to me?” 

“The vibrant pulses and colorful antics that I had merely observed from a distance drew me into a lifestyle and subculture that I had little knowledge of. I would soon make the job exchange from working inside a building for a paycheck to working outside on the street without pay security. To have the freedom to live by my imagination and create my own marketable merchandise would change my life’s journey forever.”