Lee Wolfe San Francisco Street Artist

Our dearly beloved LeRoy Eugene Wolfe,  aka,  “Lee Wolfe” aka, “Old Graffiti Guy”, was born 12/23/41 passed away on  2/15/22

Lee was born and raised in Memphis Ten. Lee lived to age 80.

Lee Loved being a Street Artist and loved being part of the street artist community.

Lee also  participated in local community theater, before becoming a professional actor in movies and TV.

Lee is Survived by his Loving Wife Lynn Sunday and Family Marc Cassius, Abariss Culjak, and Grandson Rowan Cassius.

His disposition was quiet and observing but He was also very aware and compassionate to those around Him.

He Loved vacations, International travel, taking photos of quality graffiti, spending quality time with his wife and  with their rescue dogs.

He will be missed by many loved ones. Fly Free,…