Michael Addario San Francisco Street Artist

Since I was a young boy I have had a passion for photography. It must be in my genes because my Grandfather was a photographer in Philadelphia in the 1930s and would take photographs of families having picnics in the parks. Back in those days cameras were the size and look of an accordion and imaging would be done onto glass plates. 

        After high school I worked in the Automotive Collision Industry. After many years I felt a need to follow my passion and attended Community College of Philadelphia to study photography. This was in the film days, before the proliferation of desktop computers and prior to digital imaging revolutionizing photography.  

         In 1987, I moved from my hometown of Philadelphia to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue my love of photography. Originally I worked as an assistant for my photography Professors in Philadelphia, and then later in the San Francisco Bay Area for Photographers working for Macy’s, Hewlett Packard (HP) and other major hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley.  

Check out my website at the link www.MichaelAddarioPhotography.com