Toney Abalone aka Tony Burkhart San Francisco Street Artist

Tony Burkhart; stage manager for Bill Gram; at the Fillmore in the early days and one of our stage managers on the bigger shows; passed away. Tony was a good man having a knack for jumping in when needed; but able to blend in when not. Tony worked hard and never complained, he knew what it took to keep things rolling. When tension was in the air and things were getting dicey, he would break out with a huge smile and say something like “Don’t worry, whatever you need, we will make it happen!” The tension in the air would fade away and the musicians would start smiling. Tony was one of the real ones, his hart was pure he had no ulterior motives or in-tensions he was there for one purpose, and one purpose only; to make the show run like a well oiled machine. – When he reaches the pearly gates, there will be a” hell of a party”, you know the artists above will be on time – you know they will be in good hands because Tony is one of the best. Love you bro –say hello to our brothers in the sky. 

With Respect, Boots-2b1