ZB Doros San Francisco Street Artist




June 27, 1956  – Feb 17, 2020

ZB passed away peacefully after a 5 week long stay in the ICU fighting pneumonia after a harrowing surgery for lung cancer.

He fought valiantly and although his body was strong- his lungs did not recover.

ZB was a 33 year veteran of the Street Artist program with his Mandala – Wire Toy stand at the entrance to the Plaza.

He was born of artistic parents in Wroclaw ( Breslau) Poland and studied at the renowned National Film school in Lodz- where many a famous director as Polanski arose from, as well as award winning cinematographers. He used this skill as a cameraman for the local Warsaw news until he was abruptly dismissed by the end of a bayonet held by the invading communists.

He was a Freedom fighter for the Solidarity Movement- and is slated to receive the Medal of Freedom from his home country.

He then sold Mandalas and hand painted ceramics at the Barbakan  the old brick lined fort in Old Town Warsaw – enlisting and helping several friends and family.  

He started a friendship club with West Germany where he was able to escape and reunited with his soon to wife Jola. They had a son Sandi in 1987, arriving here as political refugees soon there after.

He was able to return to Poland 3 times- and recently took Josie to see his beloved Zakaopane in the Tatras mountains with her and his beloved cousin who is more like his big sister.

He learned the art of Mandala making from his great grandpa- as it was handed down in his family. By adding several rings the original design he was able to receive a patent with the help of HP several years ago.

This was ZB’s third surgery for cancer- 2 on his throat.

He was a gifted oil painter and enjoyed going to the craft fairs in Fairfax and Mendocino with his sweetheart- Josie.

He was truly a unique  & creative Artist- and had a delightful sense of humor- 

His sweetness was a gift and will always be missed…..

By those who loved him-